Friday, 30 January 2009

Relax, its Queensland

Relax, its Queenland. That was the first thing I read as I crossed over the border from New South Wales into Queensland. I read it off a car number plate. It made me smile immediately. Relax; its what I planned to do.

Relax is what I did. I loved loved loved my time on the Gold Coast. What a beautiful place to spend your time. Beaches, good weather [even the storms were nice!], good food and an all-round good atmosphere.

I was born and bred in Melbourne; the home of Australia's cafe latte society, bars down lane ways, the MCG and the eccentric arts. Its an awesome city to live in. A city that is worlds apart from the Gold Coast. So as someone who has been described as 'very Melbourne' on more than one occasion; it has surprised many that since my return I have mentioned living on the GC for a year...

Oh, the possibilities.

C x

P.S. The photos above are the two views from my hotel room balcony. When we checked in I ran into the room and threw myself on the bed closest to the window to secure it as mine so that I could wake up to those views each day. Childish? Yes. Waking up to that every morning? Sensational.

Poladroid Mad

It is 44 degrees Celsius outside. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 8.30am [no biggie, just a check up, but I am scared of doctors], and I've had, well, a fairly average working week that I will spare you the details of.

My point [apart from having a small whinge]: its Friday night and I'm not feeling like playing up. So I went a bit Poladroid-mad before dinner. Snap snap snap around the house and uploaded onto my Flickr.

Go on. Take a look. It will give you a small insight into my daily surroundings.

C x

P.S. There is a rather large bushfire less than a kilometre away from my home right now. It would make for some awesome photos, but I felt that to be a bit inappropriate!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Found on FFFFOUND!


I recently read that it is often argued Joe Cocker's cover of With A Little Help From My Friends was better than the original. Its a tough call to make if like me, you are both a Beatles and Joe Cocker fan. I like them [the versions and the musicans] equally.

Today though, I'm going to listen to Mr Cocker's version with you.

C x

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Obsession No. 45287

I have only just discovered Poladroid. 'What?!', I hear you say. Don't fret, I have now moved out from under the rock.

C x

Friday, 23 January 2009

New Years Resolution

I have never in my 26.33 years on this earth made a New Years Resolution. But whoever coined the phrase 'there is a first for everything', was spot on. My very first resolution is to follow through on my creative ideas. I often fantasize about dresses I am going to make, photographs I want to take and paintings I am going to, well, paint. These fantasies never come to life because I never seem to have the time to make them happen.

Whilst I am currently taking on more freelance work, forcing me to spend more hours in front of the computer screen, my social life is going to completely disintegrate as I save for my trip to France & a move back into my own pad. That means more time spent at home on weekends. That then means I have no excuse not to create again.

First stop - painting. I mostly paint from photographs. Above is a taste of things to come.

C x

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

No Standing: Only Dancing

Last week I spent an evening doing what I love most; eating, drinking and perusing fine art. My friends, Meg & Maree, met me at Chocolate Buddha to enjoy a small feast of pork dumplings, seaweed salad, marinated tofu & tempura vegetables. All washed down with a glass of Yarraloch Rose. Of course.

Now, I have spent a lot of time at Federation Square and I can confidently declare - Chocolate Buddha is the best place to eat in that pocket of the city. Do yourself a favour [isn't it funny when people say that you?]: leave the car at home, catch a train to Flinders St Station, call together a big gang of friends and meet there for a Friday Night Delight of contemporary Japanese cuisine & a monster range of sake. Huddle around the communal tables inside in the cooler months or spread yourselves outside on the wooden benches over Spring & Summer. I have never been disappointed after time spent at Chocolate Buddha. Its ethical eating too; check out the link above for more information.

Fed Square is not only a mecca for cool bars and eateries, it is also home to the Ian Potter Centre of the NGV Australia. This part of the NGV as the name suggests, holds Australian only exhibitions, and get this - the exhibitions are mostly free. A big yay for free access to the arts!

So after Chocolate Buddha we wandered over to the centre to check out the Rennie Ellis exhibition 'No Standing: Only Dancing'.

Should you not already know the name, here is a short introduction to Rennie Ellis taken from the NGV website:

Photographer Rennie Ellis was renowned for his candid documentary images of contemporary Australian life. He was best known for his photographs of social events, such as music festivals, fashion parades or nightclubs. But his oeuvre also encompassed the grittier side of life. During his career he photographed life on the streets, sometimes showing the darker aspects of society such as his Kings Cross series. Ultimately, Ellis’ vision of the world was celebratory; his photographs in this exhibition document the richness and diversity of contemporary life from the 1970s and 1980s.

I'm loathed to say it twice but, do yourself a favour...

C x

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Love is Noise

Oh so happy about this reunion.

C x

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Top 10 Fonts of 2008 have released their Top 10 Fonts of 2008. If you're a typography freak like moi, read more about it here.

C x

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Spending Bans

This month I have to purchase a new set of tyres for my car, put it in for a major service AND pay the annual comprehensive insurance. As well as pay all my other usual monthly bills. Ouch. Huge ouch actually, when you have just returned from a lovely holiday where you blew wads of cash.

I'm also at that stage now where I have to start looking for a place to live. No seriously, I do. And I have expensive taste when it comes to suburb choices, within Victoria and beyond.

I hate pinching my pennies, I like to SPEND!

But instead, I am currently drumming up a bunch more freelance work and as such, working a longer than normal day. I am cutting down on the social, and costly, activities like fine dining with friends. Three days in and I'm already feeling tired & bored of it all. So I took a small break from my work and browsed the Melissa website tonight. I notice that the Scarfun Wedges I've been eyeing off for some time are now on sale. The ones if I were to purchase, hypothetically, my biggest dilemna would be choosing between the black or the yellow. So I'd just have to buy them in both colours.

Damn that word 'hypothetically'. Damn spending bans. Damn cars. And double damn credit card debt.

Why oh why do I continue to be my own worst enemy!?

C x

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tag, You're It

My beautiful friend Bronnie and I met at university and have been great friends since, its been almost 10 years! She is currently in the UK on a working holiday. I miss her every day, but thanks to Skype, I have an instant chat with her each morning whilst I check my emails. Like clockwork, 8am sharp, Monday to Friday.

We've also started a game of Photo Tag.

This is Round One. She took a photo of a bird for me, and today my task was to take a photo of a flower.

Its nothing too spectacular just yet, but I'm only warming up! I think, in fact I know, this will become more interesting to blog as the game continues.

C x

Monday, 12 January 2009

Night Lights

Upon my return from my road trip, and just short of a week of moaning and groaning about how 'boring' Melbourne is, my friends convinced me to slap on some mascara and have a drink with them in Windsor on Saturday afternoon. 'Just dinner!' they said. 'A quiet one!' they said. Yer right. I know when I get together with these lovely ladies, debauchery is only a hop, skip and stumble away.

I took a very skeptical route to my destination, convincing myself I would be hitting the soda waters and waking up early the next day for a Sunday morning walk followed by an afternoon of peaceful illustration.

I arrived at the Windsor Castle to find my friends had scored a great seat in the beer garden, the perfect place to soak up the rays. I must say, Mother Nature really turned it on this weekend. The vibe in the air was friendly. We all had exciting tales to tell of our summer adventures to date. Pots turned into jugs. Jugs turned into 'lets go to Revolver!'. Debauchery had begun, and it was only 9pm.

We headed on down to Revs, a place that automatically begs your excuse for actually being there. We were greeted by a $10 cover charge and a band that was clearly influenced by the Beatles. 'Cool', I thought, it was just like the old days when I used to head down to a club that featured only bands that were influenced by the Beatles, sometimes the Rolling Stones, for something a bit different. That place burnt down.

Then it began. One of those nights that remind you of just how small Melbourne really is. I spent the rest of my night, with a few more beers under my high-waisted belt, attempting to dodge ex-flames, being polite to others and hiding in the corner hoping 'that weirdo one that looks like Jesus wearing cargo pants' wouldn't recognise me. Unfortunately by this stage of the night the beer had slowed down my normally stealth movements, and I was finding myself in some rather awkward situations that required equally awkward conversations to be had.

It used to be so much easier bumping into boys that I once thought had broken my heart 'for good', or had freaked me out by being too 'full on'. [Yes, my vocabulary was a vast one back then, um, not.] So why easier? Well, because I was young and I thought I was the hippest thing hitting Flinders Lane on a Saturday night. I had no reason to feel any less than around these boys! I was possibly also carrying some Dutch courage from the beers on the train ride into the city. But now that I am pushing an age closer to 30, I don't think I have it in me to do the Dark Corner Shuffle or the Lets Pretend I Am Actually Interested In What You Have To Say conversations anymore.

I also started to have some rather unwelcome flashbacks to remind me why I was dodging these people; memories conjured of embarrassing [drunk] events in my past that I will one day work up the courage to share on this blog. For now though, I'm happy to push those red-faced moments back where they belong, in their own Dark Corner of my memory. My bestie agrees, she too spent the night whispering with me in the seedy cavities of Revolver after bumping into an ex of her own.

Its Monday night and I just got off the phone to her having explained how I have been blushing since Saturday night, waiting for the cringe-worthy memories of my younger years to fade again. Of course we have had a few chuckles, you do need to have a laugh at yourself after all, but 'A quiet one!' next time, will be just that. At least until Melbourne simultaneously doubles its population and my odds of bumping into old flames.

C x

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Insomnia is awful. And I suffer bouts of it every now and then. You lie in bed thinking and thinking and thinking and trying so hard not to think so you can finally go to sleep, but nothing can switch 'it' off. Then you turn your head to your left and notice the light creeping through the crack between your blinds and your window. Its 6am and you have barely slept a wink. The alarm will start to sound any minute now. Ouch.

C x

Rainy Summer

Living in Melbourne means you experience all the seasons over the space of one week. Above are some images taken through my bedroom window on the eve of Christmas.

C x

I'm Back!

My small hiatus is over. Blogging will return to normal, but with a small change. I am going to try and post more about moi: my art, my fashion, my adventures, my family & friends, my career direction and progress on some changes I plan to make to my life this year.

This self portrait was taken from the balcony of my room at the Crowne Plaza in Surfers Paradise. I fell in love this summer...with the Gold Coast. More on that later. Take note of the sunburn on my nose and arms as well as the blurriness of the photo. Slip, slop & slap my friends, because as this image shows; dehydration plus excitement plus too many champagnes equals death to ones photography skills. And this is actually one of the very few photos of me on my holiday! Doh.

C x