Wednesday, 25 April 2012

101 Cookbooks

After 3 wins in the kitchen this wintery public holiday (ok only 2.5, the broccoli soup is still on the stove), I've been inspired to rediscover my cooking mojo. 

Every day at my desk attempting to solve the ongoing quandary that is working out my next career step, I take a quick break to look outside the window where our pomegranate tree sits. Today, completing said daily daydreaming ritual (whereby I invent something so great that I make millions in royalties thus never having to work again), I Googled 'pomegranate recipes' which lead me to 101 Cookbooks. What a site for the culinary kings and queens out there! Its pretty damn aesthetically pleasing too. 

With this blog safely bookmarked and living just a stone's throw from Blackhearts & Sparrows Wine Purveyors, I guess my winter nights are sorted.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rhi Ellis

There's a hell of a lot of photographers out there, and with digital cameras plus the web, contemporary photography is much more accessible than it used to be. Like any art, photography is subjective. However its still a challenge to find an artistic photographer that makes you stop and look through their whole folio. Rhi Ellis is one of them, for me, anyway. Found via Miss Moss.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Interior Vouyerism for the Men.

I'm quite guilty of posting interiors that only I like. I'll pay you that if you thought it. In my defense (a line I've heard before!), I have considered how a male delegates the intricacies of moving in with a design-focused lass. Poor Stu has to deal with this and we don't even live with eachother. He deals with my constant questioning of his home's interior design. E.g.'I think you should put that over there' and 'what is that?' and 'I tidied up the cushions'.

I'm yet to solve that quandry, the one that is when the female and the male must collaborate their interior desires, but in the meantime let me showcase some drool-worthy bachelor pads via Frankie via Slanted Mansion.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Open your eyes and see the beauty.

There's something to be said about art on the walls of your home. Its creating talking points, inspires, adds colour and happiness to any room. One day I'll have a home of my own covered in pictures.

I'm not one to put my own art up on the walls, I think it makes me a little uncomfortable, so instead I've spent hours, days, week, months and even years perusing op-shops, eBay, small galleries and friend's folios looking for new pics to adorn my walls with. I'm pretty proud of my growing collection.

Recently I had the delight (where is that sarcasm font when you need it) of scouring Gumtree for share properties to move into. Being the particularly fussy person I am, one thing that put me off most places was the lack of eye candy in the common rooms. As superficial as it sounds, I need to be surrounded by attractive objects and colour in order to feel comfortable and inspired. These are the things that I believe make a home - a house that displays the personality of its inhabitants.

So finding an awesome Eames sideboard for $0.99 might be one for the old hats, but surely a few pictures on the wall can't be that hard?

The problem that a lot of people struggle with is the notion that you have to spend big bucks for a good pic. But thanks to advances in the world of print production (re: mass production) and the interwebs, you can find gorgeous images by artists across the world at affordable prices.

From there, you don't need to spend the hundreds of dollars you saved on getting them framed professionally, simply go to an op-shop and buy an old print you don't like but comes with a cute antique frame, invest in some mountboard, a good stanley knife or scalpel & a cutting mat. Can't be bothered with that? Check out Ikea and $2 shops for cheap frames and stick to simple colours like dark brown, white or black.

To get you started (should you accept this challenge) I've post a selection from Urban Outfitters' print shop.

A Vintage Isotype

Give me a number and I'm sure to turn it around and upside down. I'm definitely more a words and pictures kinda gal. Stating the obvious? Probably.

This morning I was reminded just how much I appreciate a classic isotype chart by Brainpickings. Pictures? Animals? Vintage? I'm in heaven.