Wednesday, 3 December 2014

So You Want to Teach in Kenya Pt V - Let's get real & talk dollars.

Let's talk dollars.

Given we've dropped over a cool $1500 on vaccinations in the last 7 days, I thought it would be timely for our contributors, and potential contributors, to see exactly where there hard earned dollars are being spent.

Vaccinations - $1500
Visas - $110 plus $30 in secure postage for our passports
Accommodation & food for 6 weeks - $3900
Flights - $4400
Total so far - $9940

Crowd-funding target - $6500

Savings & borrowings to cover the difference - $3440

Typing that still makes me feel a little queasy!

When we first agreed to teach in Kenya, we estimated the costs to be around $8500. But typically, as with many holidays, the expenses grew. We're not prepared to back out of our commitment though - these children deserve access to education, its their human right.

So far we have raised $1125 thanks to some amazing contributors, of which many I know have like us been unable to work this year due to our intensive teaching & study schedule.

But we are still very much in the red with just 14 days to go! Can we make it?! Help us and make your contribution to the human rights of some very deserving people >

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