Monday, 24 November 2014

So You Want to Teach in Kenya Pt II - Let's talk about Ebola

Hello there,

Thanks for joining me again. Today let's talk about the risk of catching Ebola in Kenya. This has easily been the most-asked topic I have discussed with friends and family to date.

So will Lena & I contract Ebola when we are in Kenya? The answer is: it is very unlikely.

Ebola is a devastating virus has taken the lives of thousands of West Africans. This Getty image taken from this BBC News article shows you where these deaths have taken place.

This is where Liberia, Sierra Leone & Guinea are in Western Africa:

Kenya sits on the eastern side of Africa, as this map demonstrates:

And the Kenyan government are on high alert for any visitors to Kenya who might be spreading the virus as this reassuring article reports.

Further, not only is the orphanage located on the other side of Africa, across the width of a continent, it is also in a remote village called Busia which is over 400kms from Kenya's capital of Nairobi where travellers from outside Kenya arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

So whilst we will of course exercise a high degree of caution whilst in Kenya, it is very unlikely we will come into contact with anyone carrying the Ebola virus.

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